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"Powerteam International offers expert-level training,
education, coaching and consulting from some
of the sharpest minds in the world."

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Success 2020 Virtual Workshop

Watch this ultra-powerful video on the 7 Keys required to build a successful business in today’s booming economy!

The Number 1 Thing You MUST Have in Your Business to Guarantee Growth & Profits - and why 90% of entrepreneurs fail because they don't know this.

  • Multi-Million Dollar Secrets
  • How to Monetize Social Media
  • Secrets of Power-Networking
  • How to Attract Potential Investors


Vision To Wealth

Learn specifically what it takes to build an even more successful company, connect with other like-minded business owners, and discover new ways to create revenue streams! At the event you will learn the UNTOLD SECRETS and proven concepts that successful entrepreneurs utilize everyday to WIN in business.

  • Learn mindset for Success
  • Features the "Success by Design" program
  • Features incredible systems & accountability programs



Event Schedule - View Full Schedule

10/26 Vision to Wealth Virtual Entrepreneur Night Virtual Broadcast Virtual Broadcast 6:00PM PST

11/05 Vision to Wealth Las Vegas ISC SUCCESS CENTER Las Vegas, NV 7:00PM - 9:30PM


Small Business Workshop

What You'll Discover...

The Value of a Great Brand - How to set up your own Social Impact Profile & Maximize your Brand Awareness

The Number 1 Thing You MUST Have in Your Business to Guarantee Growth & Profits - and why 90% of entrepreneurs fail because they don't know this

Multi-Million Dollar Secrets on How to Launch, Grow & Scale an Even More Successful Business
How to Build a Million Dollar Sales & Marketing Funnel
Secrets of Power-Networking to Get Good Partners Who Can 10X Your Speed to Success
How to Attract Potential Investors Who Could Write a Check to Help Scale Your Business Quickly
BONUS Session on Public Speaking - How to position yourself as the leading expert & make thousands by presenting on stageFor the Coaches

For the Coaches

  • How to keep your funnel full of leads everyday
  • How to Price your programs and services to attract and retain clients
  • How to become great at closing the sale
  • How to develop and launch your own digital products

For the Speakers

  • 5 Keys to empower your 2-minute elevator speech
  • How to effectively engage live or online audience's
  • How to follow up and close even more business!



Event Schedule - View Full Schedule

Schedule TBD


Business Icon Global Mastermind

The BIG masterminds are designed to connect local entrepreneurs and provide training to assist them in creating even more success in your business.

  • Monthly access to local events with professionals from multiple industries.
  • Training in different areas of business education monthly.
  • • Access to Monthly Accountability Partners.



Event Schedule - View Full Schedule

Schedule TBD



Fast track your business now!

This invaluable Complete Business Package has everything you need to start, grow and even double your business in the next 90 days.

  • The top ten secrets to guaranteeing success in business!
  • 5-minute formula to connecting with millionaires
  • 48 ways to increase profits in 48 hours or less
  • How to attract the perfect team


Inspiration 2020

The Inspiration2020 Global Conference is a breakthrough event. For the first time at one event you will hear from some of the best speakers in the world with a career fair and business expo. The tickets are limited to the capacity of the facility. Get your tickets now before the event is totally sold out.

Watch the video on the left to learn about Inspiration2020 and Register.

  • Attend the Ultimate Networking Party
  • Learn new ways to make money and strategize for success
  • Get the opportunity to pitch your idea to a panel of business experts



Event Schedule - View Full Schedule

11/19 Global Elevation Summit - Inspiration2020 Grand America Hotel Salt Lake City, UT 9:00AM-6:00PM

12/10 Global Elevation Summit - Inspiration2020 TBD Las Vegas 9:00AM-8:00PM

06/08 Global Elevation Summit - Inspiration2020 Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Center Atlanta, GA 9:00AM - 6:00PM


Internet Mastery 101

Build your Business Growth Internet Marketing Strategy in One Day!

You will be given the Business Growth Internet Marketing Growth Plan at the Event.

  • And Much More...



Event Schedule - View Full Schedule

Schedule TBD


Write Your Book 101

Book Writing & Public Speaker Workshop Series

The process you will learn from our instructor will leave you with a step-by-step process to bring your book to life and make some serious money in your niche!

  • How to Become a published Author
  • How to take your Intellectual Property and Monetize through books & public speaking.
  • Why Most Authors never get published. Why Some Authors make all the money.
  • When to Ghost write & when to use today's latest tools
  • And Much More...



Event Schedule - View Full Schedule

Schedule TBD


Speaker Mastery 101

Public Speaker Mastery Workshop

In this 3 Hour Speaker Master Class, you'll Learn:

  • How to get over the Fear of Public Speaking
  • How to Build a List of Qualified leads
  • How to Get paid as a Public Speaker
  • How to Market yourself on Social Media
  • And Much More...


Rainmaker Summit

The Rainmaker Summit is the Ultimate Breakthrough Experience for entrepreneurs and small business owners! When you attend this 2 & 1/2 day event you will be trained on how to launch, grow and build an even more successful business. The foundation of the program is based on what it takes to become a brilliant leader, have the best systems in the world and how to unleash quantum productivity in your life to accelerate your success.

  • Success Plan Creation
  • Elevate your Systems & Processes
  • Accountability & Execution Training



(or digital/finance options)

Event Schedule - View Full Schedule

12/11-12/13 Rainmaker Summit tba Las Vegas 12:00PM

06/24-06/26 Rainmaker Summit TBA Chicago 12:00PM

09/24-09/26 Rainmaker Summit Jamaica 12:00PM

12/10-12/12 Rainmaker Summit Rio Hotel & Casino Las Vegas 12:00pm


Ultimate Wealth Camp

Come and learn how from some of the top experts in the world on how to use Internet Marketing & Marketing Partnerships to grow your business. At this event you will be welcomed with an amazing party followed by two intense day of interactive learning along with some of our best global partners & customers. In addition at the event you will have the opportunity to pitch your concepts and ideas to some of the best marketers on the planet. As a special bonus one lucky winner will win a Priceless Business Makeover from Powerteam International!
The Ultimate Wealth Camp IS A MUST ATTEND!

For the last 15 years, we have created global success stories due to the fact that we offer the best coaching and training related to how to grow your business. There are many reasons why Powerteam has been able to give people the incredible results we've helped others create for their businesses:

  • World Class Global Success Faculty
  • Hundreds of hours of Focused, Expert Training across every business
  • A Community of brilliant like-minded individual members all helping each other
  • The Most Innovative Live Ultra-Focused Premium Programs to Inspire & Educate



Event Schedule - View Full Schedule

06/27-06/29 Ultimate Wealth Camp TBD Chicago 5:00PM


Icon Speaker Program

The Icon Speaker Program with share with you what it takes to get over your fear of public speaking, build a list and how to get paid as a public speaker.

When you attend our program you will learn:

  • How to Get Positioned as a Leading Authority in Your Marketplace
  • The 7 Steps to Turn Your Wisdom into a 24/7 Cash Machine
  • How to get booked & paid as a Public Speaker
  • How to Build a Massive List & Increase Your Sales



Event Schedule - View Full Schedule

Schedule TBD


Gold Membership Program


  • POWERTEAM MASTERMIND FOR 2019 (2 tickets)
  • ICON SPEAKER PROGRAM (2 tickets)
  • Club Corp Membership for one year (1 Primary Member)
  • Access to Ultimate Wealth Camp (4 tickets)
  • Ability to host your own Local BUSINESS ICON GLOBAL MASTERMIND



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Residual Mastery

Come learn how you can create permanent residual income through many different methods and strategies. You will learn how to prosper regardless of the economy and to recognize outstanding opportunities when they appear while avoiding schemes on which you lose money. You will be able to benefit from the experience of those who have already achieved success to meet your goals even faster than you could have imagined.

  • Affiliate Programs
  • Master Affiliate Programs
  • Licensing
  • Information Products Placement
  • Membership Programs
  • Joint Ventures
  • Gross Revenue Royalties
  • Home Based Businesses
  • Business Brokerage
  • Information Marketing



Event Schedule - View Full Schedule

06/04-06/06 Residual Mastery Event TBD Chicago 7PM


Lifestone Retreat

Welcome to our highest level retreat that happens one time per year with 24-48 invited members. At this retreat you will be introduced to the highest of trainers in the realms of spiritual, health, relationships and business.

  • Connect Directly With Founder Bill Walsh
  • Exclusive Access
  • One on One Sessions
  • Only For The Elite



Event Schedule - View Full Schedule


Platinum Speaker Program

The Platinum Speaker Program is the best in class if you are an expert in your field and would love to monetize your passion from the stage. The class size is very limited and the program is personally trained by Bill Walsh, one of the top speakers in the world. A select few will be able to come and learn for 5 days specifically on what it takes to succeed as a platform selling speaker or corporate trainer. When you attend this event, you will leave with your online speaker media kit, product box and promoter video interview.

  • Receive online speaker media kit, product box, and promoter video interview
  • We help you build your 90-min presentation, global marketing funnel
  • We teach you how to market and optimize your own events



Event Schedule - View Full Schedule

05/03-05/07 Platinum Speaker Camp Powerteam Retreat Center Chicago 2:00PM

11/01-11/05 Platinum Speaker Camp Sahara Hotel & Casino Las Vegas 2:00PM


WIN Global Mastermind

The Wealth Inspiration Network (WIN) Program is designed to assist entrepreneurs in creating even more success in every area of one’s life! Powerteam provides an environment for the attendees to be a part of a global think tank. At the event, all members will speak to the group and share the concepts and ideas for their business. The members, along with a few VIP celebrity experts, will be on hand to provide feedback and constructive insight to help you take your business to the next level.

  • Participate in exotic retreat environment
  • Join the Innercircle360 Team
  • Includes joint venture & venture capital funding



Event Schedule - View Full Schedule

11/01-11/03 Win Global Mastermind Sahara Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, NV 2:00PM


Powerteam Coaching Program

Powerteam Consulting with a roster of world-class consultants and business coaches is the pre imminent business coaching and consultant company on the planet. Our goal is to power the success of any business by balancing on how they do business on the leadership, systems and metrics (Including sales and marketing) and accountability level. When those three foundational level business skills are mastered through the expert guidance of our Powerteam Executive Staff, you, as one of our consultants or business coaches will be trained, equipped and empowered to take any business to the top.

If you have what it takes to be a Powerteam Consultant or one of the Powerteam business coaches, give us a call today and let´s get started to seeing if there is a fit!




Master Marketer Program

Master Marketer Program Includes The Following:

  • Rainmaker Summit Single Ticket
  • Gold Program
  • Coaching Program
  • Club Corp Membership
  • 50 Leads Per Month
  • Ability to sell your coaching products to our Clients



Event Schedule - View Full Schedule

Mark Victor Hansen

author of Chicken Soup of the Soul

"If you really want to be an entrepreneur, you've gotta have a great inspiring entrepreneurial teacher who knows how to take low value and make it high value”

Brian Tracy

author of Million Dollar Habits

“your events are one of the greatest experiences that you can possibly attend as a business person”

Robert Allen

author of Multiple Income Streams

“I love entrepreneurship, I love business. I just do. And when I stumbled on to Bill walsh, he is the master's master on entrepreneurship”